Kids and Fluids: A Practical Guide to Balancing Electrolytes


Judul : Kids and Fluids: A Practical Guide to Balancing Electrolytes
Penulis : Arif Rohman Mansur & Ira Mulya Sari
Editor : Ibnu Tolhah
Tebal buku : viii + 116
Ukuran : 15,5 x 23 cm
Kertas : Bookpaper 57 Gram BW
Tahun terbit : 2023
Penerbit : Trussmedia Grafika
ISBN : 978-623-5528-99-1
Kontak penulis : 0852 2889 2075

In the realm of pediatric health, the balance of fluids and electrolytes is vital. This guide offers an in-depth look at fluid and electrolyte imbalances in children, emphasizing their significance, causes, manifestations, and management. The book starts with a detailed introduction, outlining the fundamental role of fluid and electrolyte balance in the overall functioning of the body. Given the unique physiological development of children, understanding these imbalances is essential. The initial chapter underscores the importance of monitoring a child’s fluid intake and output and highlights potential complications if not properly managed.

Diving deeper, Chapter II explores the varied causes of these imbalances in young ones. While some causes like diarrhea or excessive sweating are common, others stem from specific medications or pre-existing medical conditions. This holistic view provides a clear picture of the many disruptions children may face regarding their fluid and electrolyte balance. Shifting focus in Chapter III, the guide addresses the telltale signs of these imbalances. Key symptoms like heightened thirst, fatigue, and changes in urine color serve as vital indicators, urging caregivers and parents to act swiftly.

Chapter IV is dedicated to diagnosis, detailing various methods, from physical exams to blood tests, ensuring a thorough understanding of the child’s condition. This comprehensive approach guarantees that any imbalances are pinpointed accurately for effective intervention. Treatment takes center stage in Chapter V, guiding readers through various intervention strategies. Simple solutions like oral rehydration cater to milder cases, while more severe situations may require intravenous treatments. Furthermore, it provides practical advice for parents and caregivers on keeping children well-hydrated. Chapter VI underscores the potential repercussions of neglecting these imbalances, particularly the risk they pose to vital organs. Emphasizing prevention over reactive treatment, the subsequent chapter dives into fluid calculations specifically designed for children. By unraveling the complexities behind fluid needs based on weight and understanding electrolytes, caregivers can be better equipped to manage a child’s health.


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