Nursing Care Management HIV Infection in Children


Judul : Nursing Care Management HIV Infection in Children
Penulis : Arif Rohman Mansur & Ira Mulya Sari
Editor : Ibnu Tolhah
Tebal buku : viii + 102
Ukuran : 15,5 x 23 cm
Kertas : Bookpaper 57 Gram BW
Tahun terbit : 2023
Penerbit : Trussmedia Grafika
ISBN : 978-623-5528-98-4

“Nursing Care Management: HIV Infection in Children” serves as a pivotal guide, meticulously crafted to provide insights into the multifaceted realm of HIV as it manifests in the pediatric demographic. This compendium brings to light the nuances of the disease, equipping healthcare professionals, especially nurses, with comprehensive knowledge tailored for the young patient.

The book begins by grounding its readers in the core background of HIV, showcasing pertinent statistics that delineate the current scope and challenges of pediatric HIV. The ensuing chapters navigate the myriad transmission pathways, emphasizing the critical nature of mother-to-child transmission across pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding stages.

Moving deeper into the disease’s trajectory, readers are enlightened about the array of symptoms that can manifest, from early indicators to more advanced signs. Treatment modalities are explored in depth, ranging from the potent antiretroviral therapies to more holistic supportive care strategies aimed at bolstering a child’s overall well-being.


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