Mastering A Scoping Review


Judul : Mastering A Scoping Review
Penulis : Arif Rohman Mansur & Yelly Herien
Editor : Abu Ihsan
Tebal buku : viii + 114
Ukuran : 15,5 x 23 cm
Kertas : Bookpaper 57 Gram BW
Tahun terbit : 2024
Penerbit : Trussmedia Grafika
ISBN : Proses Pengajuan ISBN

In “Mastering A Scoping Reviews” readers are offered a detailed and insightful journey into the world of scoping reviews, a critical tool in contemporary research and knowledge synthesis. The book is meticulously structured into eight chapters, each focused on a specific aspect of scoping reviews, from their historical evolution to their practical application in research and practice.

In “Mastering A Scoping Reviews” the initial chapters lay a foundational understanding of scoping reviews, distinguishing them from other literature reviews and discussing their evolution, rationale, and significance. The book then progresses into the practicalities of conducting these reviews, detailing the development of a scoping review protocol, including the formulation of a title, background, objectives, and questions, and emphasizing author contributions and eligibility criteria. The methodology is thoroughly explored, presenting a comprehensive framework covering everything from search strategies to data analysis, and delving into various scoping review frameworks. Chapter V showcases a real-life scoping review by the authors, identifying themes and gaps in literature, serving as a practical example. The subsequent chapter analyzes these findings, discussing their implications for future research and comparing them with existing literature. The final chapter concludes by summarizing the main points, highlighting the significance of scoping reviews in advancing knowledge, offering future research suggestions, and discussing their limitations.

“Mastering Scoping Reviews is an essential resource for researchers, academicians, and professionals across various disciplines. Its thorough approach, combined with practical examples and tips, makes it a unique and invaluable guide for anyone looking to enhance their understanding and application of scoping reviews in their work.


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