Don’t Panic: A Practical Guide to Febrile Seizures in Children


Judul : Don’t Panic: A Practical Guide to Febrile Seizures in Children
Penulis : Arif Rohman Mansur
Editor : Ibnu Tolhah
Tebal buku : viii + 104
Ukuran : 15,5 x 23 cm
Kertas : Bookpaper 57 Gram BW
Tahun terbit : 2023
Penerbit : Trussmedia Grafika
ISBN : Proses Pengajuan ISBN

Febrile seizures, which occur most frequently in children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, are a clinical phenomenon that requires serious attention and understanding by parents and medical professionals. Although most cases are benign and have a good prognosis, there is the possibility of long-term complications, including recurrent febrile seizures, afebrile seizures, and epilepsy.

Various risk factors, including nutritional deficiencies such as iron and zinc and inflammatory markers such as levels of certain cytokines, influence the prevalence of febrile seizures. Recognition of these factors is not only important for case management but also potentially in the prevention of future febrile seizures. In terms of management, collaboration between parents and health workers is crucial to ensure proper medical examination and treatment.

As a follow-up, further research is needed to explore various aspects of febrile seizures, which remain a clinically relevant topic. Proper education and factual information from medical personnel can calm parents’ concerns and assist in the management of seizures at home. In line with that, it is important for medical personnel to ensure that the information conveyed is accurate and supports an effective management approach. Hopefully this brief and small work will be useful for writers and readers alike.


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